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4 - 6 May 2017



Photography LIVE is the only show in the region to offer a wide variety of FREE workshops and learning experiences. 

Sessions run across three days and cater to a variety of experience levels, from beginners to professionals. There is no advance registration required, sessions will be ran on a first-come first-served basis at the event. 

Centre Stage, powered by TOSHIBA Get inspired by top local and international speakers in the industry in our FREE Seminars on Centre Stage, powered by TOSHIBA.

Nikon School Develop your skills, with the chance to learn the latest techniques for FREE, with the Nikon Ambassadors.

The Sony Studio Learn posing techniques, receiving lighting advice or learning how to maximise the specifications of cameras and more at the Sony Studio.

Canon Academy Take part in a learning experience hosted by Canon Explorers. 






PechaKucha 20x20 is a dynamic stage format where experts will show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and the photographers will talk along to the images.

This exciting session will open the show with energy as you can be taken on a fast paced visual journey. 


  • Robert Alfiler - Accredited International Correspondent Photojournalist & TV Philippine Correspondent Reporter,

  • Arjun Sasi - Photographer, iPhone Photographer

  • Firoze Edassery - Photographer, Self Employed

  • Asim Cheema - Photographer, Self employed

In this session, Christina will share how she became a food photographer, what it entails, the equipment and lighting and how a shoot or an image is built and talk about food styling and trends. 


  • Christina Leth - ,

Robin will be taking you through the rudiments of Colour Management and how this effects print quality.

The session will also cover monitor calibration, why it plays such a key pivotal role in a successful Colour Workflow. Robin will then follow this with the process of output to Print via ICC Profiles. He will talk about the creation of Printer Profiles. He will show you how you can create a Custom Profile for your printer with a show you the wide array of Photographic and Fine Art Media available. 

  • Robin Whetton - Founder, Owner and Managing Director of PermaJet,

Every photographer seems to want to attract more clients and this is especially the case with portrait photographers. During Charlie’s fast paced and fun talk, he will give you many techniques and ideas to create new clients for your portrait business. In addition to generating new clients, we all need to maximise on the sales potentials once they are in front of the camera, increase your averages, gain referrals and most importantly end up with happy customers. From lead acquisition, straight through to the viewing itself you will learn loads of great ideas from the man that has generated over £250,000,000 in sales for portrait photographers across the UK. 

  • Charlie Kaufman FSWPP Hon. - Founder and owner of Click Connection Corporation Ltd,

Do you wonder what it takes and how to become a professional photographer? Or even a better photographer who may occasionally put their skills to use in a commercial sense. The root to achieving these goals is through proper education and training. In today’s digital world the perception is that the answers all lie on the internet when nothing could be further from the truth! In this session, Martin will discuss the education and training provisions available and deliver a ‘roadmap for success’ including qualifications, distinctions, competitions & awards as well as self generated personal projects to increase and measure your skills as image makers.

  • Martin Grahame-Dunn - Consultant to Photographic Business’s, Judge and Chairman for international photography competitions and Professional Bodies worldwide,

Prakash will talk through the techniques he has developed since using his first NiSi V3 holder & few Glass filter. Be dazzled by a show of inspiring imagery and demonstrations of the tools that took them.

  • Prakash Kumar Singh - Nisi Brand Ambassador & Sony Professional photographer,

  • Dany Eid - Owner, Dany Eid Photography,

Digital photography and digital image synthesis didn't just change the way photographers capture and output their images. They opened up an entirely new horizon of creative expression in which the ‘image-maker’ and his or her client are no longer bound by the limitations of the medium and technology. 

We live in a time in which the photographers, creative directors, conceptual artists and computer graphics animators and even their own clients inhabit the same digital realm. Today, given the right production timeline and the budgets, any kind of visual is technically achievable. The tools no longer present a technical barrier. On the contrary – if used the right way and to their maximum potential, they present the artists with a world of limitless creative possibilities. Excuses no longer apply.

In his 45-minute presentation, Mr. Beno Saradzic will talk about an exciting, misunderstood and very often controversial subject; digital photo manipulation & image synthesis. He will briefly talk about its surprising history, how it evolved over time and what it has become today. 

With a series of concrete examples and hands-on live demonstrations, Beno will explain how sophisticated digital image editing and creation tools can help photographers manipulate and completely transform their images which meet their own need for creative expression or the evermore demanding and ambitious client briefs.

  • Beno Saradzic - Canon Explorer, Canon Ambassadors Programme

 Photography LIVE Photo Contest 2017 - Awards Ceremony 

In association with MONDA Gallery

Photography LIVE's annual photo contest is a platform for participants to gain recognition in the region for their artistic and technical achievements. Organised in association with Monda Gallery, the contest was open to all, with 4 submission categories designed to reflect on the UAE’s life and beauty, and 4 categories designed to reflect on the Middle East and the World. 

With thousands of entries, the judges have been hard at work deciding on the most inspiring, attractive and technically skilled images will win the top prizes. 

The shortlist will be revealed in the Centre Stage Gallery at the start of the show.

  • Etienne van den Peereboom - Photographer | Founder of MONDA Gallery,

Join Dubai-based filmmaker Ekta Saran for a talk tracing her personal artistic journey from an amateur enthusiast to a highly sought after professional. She will share about her career experiences as well as the key aspects of storytelling through video, and she will be available for a brief Q&A session following her talk.

  • Ekta Saran - Sony Alpha Photographer,

Back in 2007, after traveling for a few years, Catalin started a small photography blog which he wanted to use to document the places visited. Almost 10 years and 80 countries later, he had collected quite a few tips and tricks on how to approach travel photography in order to better showcase the best of what a country has to offer.

During this session Catalin will be sharing some of these tips along with a short slideshow of my best images.


  • Catalin Marin - Award-winning commercial and corporate photographer,

  • Martin Grahame-Dunn - Consultant to Photographic Business’s, Judge and Chairman for international photography competitions and Professional Bodies worldwide,

  • Ioannis Lykouris - Secretary General of FIAP,

  • Subodh Shetty - Founder, Photo Walk Dubai,

  • Nisha Purushothaman - Wildlife Photographer,

  • Catalin Marin - Award-winning commercial and corporate photographer,

  • Shahid Hashim - Photographer,

How much light your camera will record depends on two factors: aperture and exposure time. In this informative workshop, NiSi Ambassador Beno Saradzic will talk about the latter and how Neutral Density filters play a pivotal role during this phase. With a series of practical and hands-on examples, Beno will demonstrate the immense importance and power of Neutral Density filters and how they affect not only the technical, but the creative side of photography as well. He will explain why they are an essential piece of camera equipment and how they enable the photographers and filmmakers to greatly improve the look of their photographs and films.


  • Beno Saradzic - Canon Explorer, Canon Ambassadors Programme

This session talks about two parts of the desert fashion photography and what makes a winning photo. The desert elements, preparation and challenges (sun, sand, location scouting, logistics, props, light). The fashion aspect mixed with the desert element ( fashion,makeup, heat effect, photo lighting other).

  • Rudy Shoushany - Fashion Photographer ,

Nature photography must observe an ethical behavior both in shooting and in participating to the contests. Any photographer has to consider the preservation of nature and every living creature and his approach must be according to this important principle. Even the submission to the salons must be respect s, that provide for a post-production as natural as possible, without manipulation of the file.

During this presentation you'll see a series of images from the FIAP’s Nature collection exhibition.

FIAP is the biggest photographic Association in the World. More than 83 countries are involved, joining more than 2 million worldwide photographers.

There are actually 12 FIAP Exhibition Center all over the world, in Italy, Turkey, Oman, Argentina, Slovenia, China, England, Iran, Serbia and several other will be soon opened.

More than 500 Salons run every year under the FIAP Patronage and the submission of the entrant can gain awards and obtain important and prestigious Distinctions.

  • Pierluigi Rizzato - Photographer & Director of FIAP Ethics Service.,

What is Luxury? What are the values behind it? Why do so many people buy into it? Unlocking these secrets are key to anyone wanting to successfully work in the luxury sector.

Peter will share some of the insights he has gained over is career of almost 15 years, predominantly working in the luxury sector for both commercial and private clients, from some of the world’s leading brands to royal households.  

Luxury commands some of the highest budgets in the world of production and often the most creative freedom when in command. They are often seen as dream assignments but acquiring them and delivering them to expectations certainly is no easy feat and of course full of risk working at this level.

Peter will also reveal how you can deliver Luxury to each and everyone of your clients to enhance your career and businesses.

  • Peter Rear - ,

Ali will share the secrets of light setups in his pictures, how he create the light in each one of them, learn inside tips and tricks. 

  • Ali Alriffai - Commercial and Editorial Photographer,

Travelling across UAE,  When I started FSO in 2010 I was wondering where can I go to shoot. Now in 2017 we had done more than 80 locations with in UAE and in Oman. I want to showcase 10 – 15 of those locations and few shots taken there.

  • Daryl Patni - Owner, Imagesouk

  • Lal Nallath - Founder, FSO

Photography is always searching for that story to tell. This session covers a few of Abbas's travels both far and near. Some topics covered include:

  • Iceland, the land of ice and fire, where dark winters contrast strongly against midnight summer suns. Where the colors of the Northern lights express themselves in vibrant shades, dancing in perpetual motion.
  • Viewing untamed Alaska through both land and sea. From capturing slow-moving glaciers, the quintessential Alaskan experience, to soaring bald eagles.
  • Liwa, a peaceful place or repose, located on the northern edge of the Rub’Al Khali desert, often known as the Empty Quarter.
  • Picture-perfect Tibetan monasteries form the foreground amidst a dense mountain range in Ladakh. 
  • Cradled between its famous red sandstone formations, Sedona is a breathtaking sight, where its mesmerizing landscape changes hourly with the light. 


  • Abbas Kapadia - Photographer,

FIAP is the biggest and most important International Photographic Federation, present in more than 83 countries in the five continents joining together more than 2 million photographers around the world.

All these photographers are yearly participating to more than 500 international photographic salons under FIAP patronage. On the same time, they are asking with great zeal from FIAP its artistic distinctions, by submitting a list of their awards and acceptances together with their best photos, as a proof of their talent. Hundreds of exhibitions are organized every year worldwide by FIAP members or in FIAP Exhibition Centers.

All these events give us in FIAP the opportunity for a more profound lecture of the presented works and for very interesting conclusions. Among them, to detect the recent trends of world photography, in a digital era dominated by social media and smartphones, as new factors influencing the viewing angle and the artistic desire of the photographers.

  • Ioannis Lykouris - Secretary General of FIAP,

The session showcases the work of photographers who have been part of Travel Photography workshops with Photowalk Dubai. This particular session features photographs created by the team at Varanasi and Holi at Mathura. Also showcasing the premiere of 'Varanasi' short movie by Aeyaz Hasn, created during the photowalk dubai travel workshop. 

Be there to hear the stories and get inspired to travel and shoot. 

  • Subodh Shetty - Founder, Photo Walk Dubai,

"A picture is worth a thousand words”.

  • Use photography as a medium to spread awareness among this and upcoming generations.
  • Inspire and interact with people across the globe.
  • Give guidance on photography and nature, with means and methods to explore.
  • Motivate and provide awareness to the people to explore the world of nature photography to make a difference for a good cause. With visuals and authentic narration we give the viewers a feel of virtual reality.

The base for Nisha is the love for nature, to explore and protect the remaining for the future. The search for capturing moments in the wild brought me closer to Mother Nature and connected a group of like-minded souls. The first step was traveling together which led to discussions during and after every journey. Every session we discussed new aspects of nature that we observed. Every one had something to teach or share. 

The discussions started by two friends, now become a reason to live. Started to explore countries, as part of a tree planting activity planted 40,000-plus trees across the globe. 

Influence the community with a global platform to share photographs, tips and techniques, travel experiences, conservation ideas and activities. 

If an image can inspire someone to take a small step to protect the vanishing beauties, why not?

  • Nisha Purushothaman - Wildlife Photographer,

'The desire to communicate feelings, effects and emotions is as old as civilization itself, and the premise for what we call as modern art.  The beginning of the 18th century is the not so simple story of how photography came to influence the world of painting, and vice versa.  Painting and Photography started as competition but soon became an alliance of vision that changed the way we see forever. The manner in which photography gave rise to a paradigm of representation brought about a transformation in how we think, perceive and wish to portray in society.

In recent years Photography has shaped technology, communication behavior, society and human life. Today it is the basis of several industries, from media to telecommunication, from entertainment to space research. It’s a revolution, which will continue to evolve with generations to come.' - Gurinder Singh

In this session Gurinder will take you through some of what’s in store for future and the way it will possibly impact human behavior.


  • Gurinder Singh - Photographer,

  • Abbas Kapadia

    Abbas Kapadia

    Abbas Kapadia

    Abbas Kapadia


    Abbas Kapadia. Photography is his calling, his unofficial profession and the obsession that leads him to travel the world - to capture tall peaks, steep creeks and everything in between. Always looking for a story to tell, he communicates through an array of colorful and energetic imagery.

    Originally hailing from the busy metropolis that is Mumbai, Abbas made his way to Dubai shortly after he graduated. Although a pharmacist by profession, photography was always his true passion. His interest was rekindled shortly after joining a local Shutterbugs Creative forum, Dubai in 2013. In the years that followed he was awarded several distinctions, including the EPSA-BPSA, LRPS, AFIAP, GPU Cr3, Hermes, FICS and APSNJ. Presently associated with Emirates Photographic Society and is the Country Membership Director – UAE, for Photographic Society of America.


  • Ahmed Jadallah

    Ahmed Jadallah

    Ahmed Jadallah

    Ahmed Jadallah

    Chief Photographer Reuters

    Before I became a photographer, I studied science and I worked as a teacher for a few months, but it was my dream to be a journalist. I started with a local newspaper in Gaza, and then I worked in TV as a cameraman and producer. At that point, I met two friends who were professional photographers and I started to work with them: I would guide them through Gaza and they would teach me photography.

    I started with Reuters in 1992 at the time of the Palestinian intifada (uprising) and my first big assignment was when Yasser Arafat returned to Gaza in 1994. I was one of 300 or 400 photographers waiting for this big story, but I was lucky because I could move around easily and get some good photos. The New York Times sent out two or three photographers, but they used one of our Reuters shots on the cover.

    I got injured very badly in 2003 while working in Gaza – the picture I took at the time won the World Press Photo award. After that, I moved to Dubai, which gave me a break from the violence until I recovered. Now I’m back covering conflicts.

    My life has changed after I got injured in 2003. I care about my job but I am also more considerate about my safety.

    My assignment in Libya left a big impression on me. It was not easy. I was one of the first Reuters guys to get inside Libya during the revolution. All the time we were monitored by security and it was not easy to go out, but I needed to do my job. It was not an easy assignment for me but it was exciting – it’s part of my job. When you get the pictures, it’s the best feeling.

    I like covering all sorts of assignments. I have just come out from the Gaza War and the clashes in Egypt, and now I’m back in Dubai covering the rugby season. As I mentioned, I can find myself covering several different stories on completely opposite ends of the spectrum all in the same week, one day in a war zone with harsh conflicts, the next day on a red carpet covering glamour during a film festival, or on centre court covering the action of a tennis championship.

    I trust my colleagues, my brothers and friends. Without the support of my family, I could not do my job.

  • Arjun Sasi

    Arjun Sasi

    Arjun Sasi

    Arjun Sasi

    Photographer iPhone Photographer

    Hi am Arjun Sasi, a UAE resident for the past 12 years. Photography became a passion from the day I bought my first iPhone in 2007. The 2mp built in camera in the iPhone helped me explore the photographer in me which I never knew existed till I first took the shot when in Thailand. From then its been quiet a journey and am presently taking my shots with my iPhone 7 Plus.  My iPhone shots has brought me several accolades including mails from Tim Cook, CEO of Apple appreciating the shots of Dubai. iPhone shots have been published several times as full pages in Gulf News and other major publishers across the World. 


  • Ali Alriffai

    Ali Alriffai

    Ali Alriffai

    Ali Alriffai

    Sony Alpha Photographer

    Ali Alriffai, Born in 1975 and raised in Manama, Bahrain.  An award-winning and acclaimed commercial and editorial photographer based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, proves the adage every time he gets behind a camera. Ali's passion for photography started in 1996 while still working at a petrochemical company. His career took off eight years later in 2004 when advertising agencies started to notice his work.

    That's when he took his first leap of faith and quit his day job to pursue the challenge of creating engaging, contemporary portraits and captivating, dramatic composites. He is widely known for his technical insight and ability to tackle the toughest of photographic challenges. From the sensitive and bold to the informal and familiar, the little subtleties of his subjects are well considered time after time as he captures them through his lens.

    With a career that includes well over 500 assignments, Ali has built an extensive and reputable portfolio containing work done for clients ranging from giants in the telecommunication and finance industries to national campaigns, sports, fashion, fine art, and editorials. While away from his cameras, he conducts local and regional workshops and spends a great deal of time traveling, making the world his studio, capturing the unfamiliar in countries that include Thailand, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Scotland.

    Ali also is a Profoto premium club official trainer. 

  • Asim Cheema

    Asim Cheema

    Asim Cheema

    Asim Cheema

    Photographer Self employed

    Pakistan national and Dubai based enthusiastic photographer, passionate about travelling around the world to capture Nature's beauty. He enjoys all genre of photography like Landscape, Cityscape, Street, & Astro Photography and he doesn’t believe in manipulation / composite work

  • Aziz Mahmood

    Aziz Mahmood

    Aziz Mahmood

    Aziz Mahmood


    Pastime to passion to profession, a journey many an artist has taken to pursue what they love. Aziz Mahmood is no different. A Civil Engineer by qualification, Aziz is a UAE-based freelance commercial photographer from Pakistan, a land rich in culture and heritage.

    He inherited this passion from his eldest brother and started his photographic journey at an early age when he was gifted a Nikon FM; and today after 28 years, he has explored a multitude of genre in photography only to find his calling in Fashion and Beauty.

    Having been published in local and international platforms like: WKND (Khaleej Times), Lamasat, Masala and The Institute Magazine, Aziz continues to inspire people not just with his work but by lending a helping hand to those who reach out to him. His most revered protégés, his wife and two children make up what he calls his “Nikon Family” and he hopes to inspire them and others on a delightful journey, Photography.


  • Bahaadeen M. Al Qazwini

    Bahaadeen M. Al Qazwini

    Bahaadeen M. Al Qazwini

    Bahaadeen M. Al Qazwini

    I have been Started photography since 1984 until now.

    I have LBIPP since 1998 from UK.

    General Manager of Al Kawakeb Advertising for Commercial and Teaching  photography for Officials Government, Private Companies and Photographers since 2013.

    Head of  Bahaa Photo Friends Group in Kuwait since 2002.

    Marketing Manager in The Scottish General Trading Company.

    Official Trainer of Nikon School in Kuwait appointed by Nikon Middle East and Africa in Dubai 2015. I presented many  photographic Nikon Schools sessions in Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and Oman

    Founder and Head of Byait Lothan Photography Club 2000 for 10 years.

    One of founders of Photographers Diwaniya in Kuwait about 16  years ago. It was photographers weekly gathering.

    Former Deputy Editor in Photographic Magazine 2009.

    Head of Photography in Media Box Company from 2009 to 2014.

    Former editor in to photography magazines "Net Point and Photo" before closing them about 10 and 15 years ago.

    Former official Sports photographer of AFC for 8 years until 2014.

    Former General Manager of Artist Touch Studio 2010.

    F1 photographer in Bahrain from 2008 to 2010.

    Photo Sport converge  MotoGP in Qatar from 2010 to 2013

    Photo Sport Converge for FIFA World

    Photo Sport converge  FIFA World  Cup in South Africa 2010.

    Photo Sport converge for Qatar International Rally 2011.

    Official Photographer of West Asia Football Champion 2012 in Kuwait.

    Organized international workshops in South Africa, Scotland, Qatar and Oman, India and UAE for many years.

    I presented 13 classes about photography in Kuwait TV program called (World Photo) in Arabic.

  • Etienne van den Peereboom

    Etienne van den Peereboom

    Etienne van den Peereboom

    Etienne van den Peereboom

    Photographer | Founder of MONDA Gallery

    Etienne van den Peereboom is the founder of MONDA Gallery, a Dubai based gallery which publishes and distributes limited edition prints of photographs and fine art works. His passion for photography stems from his passion for art and for world travel. Originally from Belgium, Etienne launched MONDA Gallery after a successful corporate career which took him to live and work in Asia before settling in Dubai.

  • Beno  Saradzic

    Beno Saradzic

    Beno  Saradzic

    Beno Saradzic

    Canon Explorer Canon Ambassadors Programme

    Slovenian born Beno Saradzic is a multi-specialist visual artist with residence in Dubai, UAE.

    In professional circles, Beno is knowns as a filmmaker, producer, conceptual 3D Computer Graphics artist and a photographer.

    He attracted tremendous public attention in recent years through his virally shared time-lapse films, and is increasingly known as a fine art photographer who creates exceptionally envisioned visuals, executed with ambitious post production techniques. His creative process is taking place equally in the field and in the studio, offering to the public very distinctive realizations.

    Beno is a Canon Ambassador for Europe & MENA region, as well as a brand ambassador of NiSi Filters. His work is regularly featured in international publications, calendars, art galleries, books and online.

    Beno is a frequent speaker and photography educator. He is a winner of over 30 photography and cinematography awards in the past 5 years, most notable among them is the Emmy Nomination in 2014 for outstanding cinematography commissioned by the BBC Natural History Unit. In 2015, Beno won a ‘Gold World Medal’ for Best Cinematography at the New York Film Festival. As a producer, he was also a winner of the ‘Silver Dolphin’ at the 2014 Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards.

  • Catalin Marin

    Catalin Marin

    Catalin Marin

    Catalin Marin

    Award-winning commercial and corporate photographer

    I am an award-winning commercial and corporate photographer based in Dubai, UAE, specializing in architectural and interior photography as well as corporate, environmental portraits and lifestyle images.

    I have provided original and creative imagery for clients like Starwood, Ericsson, Kempinski, Grand Hyatt, Virgin Australia, Emirates, Dunlop, London Business School, United Colours of Benetton, Epson, CD+M Light, Bishop Design and many others.

    My work has been featured in various international magazines, books and websites including Nikon, BBC Travel, Lonely Planet Middle East, National Geographic website, Time Out, Mondo*ARC and Geo Magazine.

    I also run a popular travel photography blog, which has been awarded Best Asian & Oceanian Photoblog in 2011, was declared one of the three most outstanding photoblogs in 2013 and has attracted more than a million visitors so far.

  • Charlie Kaufman FSWPP Hon.

    Charlie Kaufman FSWPP Hon.

    Charlie Kaufman FSWPP Hon.

    Charlie Kaufman FSWPP Hon.

    Founder and owner of Click Connection Corporation Ltd

    Charlie is the founder and owner of Click Connection Corporation Ltd, which incorporates The Click and Fresh Groups, Boudoir By Fresh as well as one of the world’s most prominent studio accessories brands, Click Props. Click Props has been awarded ‘Best Studio Accessory at the SWPP Trade Awards in 2014, 2015 & 2016. Charlie is also the founder and owner of one of the UK’s largest photographic studios, The Fresh Academy, which photographs over 2000 shoots per year and sponsors the Miss Great Britain competition.

    With over 25 years’ experience behind the lens, 20 years of solid marketing knowledge and being instrumental in setting up numerous studios, Charlie is a true all-rounder. He has also benefited from 15 years lecturing in photographic sales and marketing. Charlie is based in the Groups Head Office in Watford Hertfordshire and oversees all aspects of CCC’s development while mentoring his team of over 20 employees.

    In 2013 Charlie was made an Honorary Fellow of one of the world’s largest photographic associations, the SWPP. Later that year CCC won the title of Best Professional Service in the photographic industry at the SWPP annual awards evening.

    Additionally, it is well worth noting that Charlie is a renowned fashion, portrait and function photographer with work published in The Times, Daily Mail, Glamour, Elle and Cosmopolitan.


  • Christina Leth

    Christina Leth

    Christina Leth

    Christina Leth

    Christina is a professional photographer and has been working and living in Dubai for three years. As a freelance photographer, she has been shooting weddings, events, and portraits but her heart and specialty lie with food photography which will be evident once you see her images. Her work can be seen in Dubai Mall, Inventing Room, Hot Boxx to name a few and she has been published in magazines and numerous food blogs. Being Scandinavian, her style is light, bright and simple. When she is not working she can be found in the kitchen inventing recipes or traveling to create stories about small farms, chefs or restaurants across the globe.

  • Dany Eid

    Dany Eid

    Dany Eid

    Dany Eid

    Owner, Dany Eid Photography

    My name is Dany Eid, I am a professional photographer specialized in corporate, architecture, landscape, travel and lifestyle photography. My work got published in different international magazines and books. I was born and raised in Lebanon, studied interior design and painting.

    Years ago I left my home country and became an expat, moving to different countries in the Middle East. Moving from one city to the other and the big diversity the Middle East offers along with my field of studies, passion to travel exploring the world and homesickness to the place where I grew up had a big influence on my photography.

    I left my executive career and followed my passion to become a photographer. I believe that nothing is better than doing a job that you love and pursuing your dream.

    Each image I shoot is not considered a subject, but is a story that I capture with my lens. 

    I won a couple of awards and was chosen to be a judge for different photography competitions taking place in the Middle East.

    Furthermore I’m a photo educator, I conduct different workshops sharing my experience with those who like me started out as hobby photographers, might remain hobby photographers or follow their dream and take it to the next level.

    In addition, organize my own photography workshops & lectures and I’m part of Nikon school program ME & Asia & official ambassador for Carl Zeiss worldwide.

    My work can be seen on:


    Follow me on social media:

  • Daryl Patni

    Daryl Patni

    Daryl Patni

    Daryl Patni

    Owner Imagesouk

    Daryl is an advertising photographer based out of Dubai. In last 15 years, he has  shot almost all major clients in the GCC incl EMIRATES AIRLINES , QATAR AIRWAYS , MOE , EMAAR , EMIRATES NBD.

    He is also the owner of region’s largest stock image library ( ) with approx. 60,000 images till date . Imagesouk specializes in providing quality Arab images for the advertising world in the middle east.

  • Dennis Stever

    Dennis Stever

    Dennis Stever

    Dennis Stever

    Travelogue – Travel Photography

    “Photography is a way for me to capture a moment or story and share it with the world”.

    Dennis Stever is a Dubai-based, freelance photographer and digital creative.

    Some people collect souvenirs when they travel, I prefer to collect beautiful images with my camera. Travel photography is like a time machine, freezing memories from a journey that you can look back on and enjoy for years.

    Every travel destination has its own look, culture, history, people, feelings, landscapes, and stories. Learning how to capture these subjects through photos helps convey the spirit of a place to others, giving them a glimpse of what it might be like to venture there.

  • Ekta Saran

    Ekta Saran

    Ekta Saran

    Ekta Saran

    Sony Alpha Photographer

    Filmmaker/Photographer Ekta Saran is originally from India but born and raised in the UAE.

    She is a self-taught artist who stumbled into filmmaking in 2013 when her singer/songwriter friend asked her to film the making of her first album.

    Pursuing a career in advertising at that point, Ekta decided to juggle her day job with video projects on the side, to see where it would go. Fortunately, she quickly realised there was nothing else shed rather do and soon quit her day job for her dream job.  

    Being an independent filmmaker, in her first few stints she was a one-woman army, playing the role of Producer/Director & Videographer all rolled into one.

    With time and experience she began focusing more on Directing, shooting and telling stories. Having worked with clients like Lexus, Red Bull, GAP, Ektas true passion is storytelling. She has a love for understanding what makes people tick and strives to bring out their truth through her films. 

    In 2016, her personal project Chasing Bur Dubai was featured in The National. Born out of the desire to highlight the untold stories of Old Dubai, she wanted to capture the essence of the city she grew up in as a child. Talking to the residents of Bur Dubai, she released two films that focused on the people who have lived in the area for over 35 years. Her goal is to create a portrait of this be loved neighbourhood in the hopes that it is never forgotten. 


  • Firoze Edassery

    Firoze Edassery

    Firoze Edassery

    Firoze Edassery

    Photographer Self Employed

    Firoze Edassery is a self-taught and passionate photographer and a Brand Manager by profession. He is a successful Graphic Designer and Multimedia Developer, specifically for web. He believes that there’s a link between the fields of photography and graphic designing, since they both include creativity.

    He thinks of his photography as a creative practice, an activity of mind and body, to engage in a deeper and wider understanding of his world and himself through the creation of images and his own reflection on the processes.

    He is enthusiastic about this art, and is always looking at developing himself in this field.

    Contact No: +971 50 798 8358



  • Gurinder Singh

    Gurinder Singh

    Gurinder Singh

    Gurinder Singh


    The mark of Wanderlust! Gurinder’s intrinsic nature to experiment with life has been a trademark of his photographic skills.  From a corporate career in media and investment banking to being a commercial pilot, he has experienced it all. His travelogues are a proof of his writing skills and keen observations. His experience in sharply contrasted walks of life helps him bring together a full frame of ‘picture delight’. 

    Photography is the one thing that came naturally to him and was building up without any conscious effort during his student days at the University of Amsterdam. He considers photography to be an integral part of his life. Coupled with his love for travel and writing, it helps him escape to a land where he pictures the world the way he imagines it to be.  As a co - founder of the Indian School of Photography, he wants to share his knowledge in building and promoting the next generation of leading artists and photographers.


    Websites: - ;

  • Gopala Krishnan

    Gopala Krishnan

    Gopala Krishnan

    Gopala Krishnan

    I am a Wildlife photography hobbyist and conservationist based in UAE. I have been shooting wildlife for the past 5 years and have traveled to India, Kenya and Tanzania in pursuit of my hobby.

    I shoot mostly action images and a bit of portraiture and environmental images.

    Through my images I wish to bring to the public attention the Beauty of wildlife, their fragile existence in this planet and educate people on protection of wildlife and conservation.

    I am actively involved in Cheetah and Rhino conservation activities in Kenya.


  • Ioannis Lykouris

    Ioannis Lykouris

    Ioannis Lykouris

    Ioannis Lykouris

    Secretary General of FIAP

    Ioannis Lykouris studied law in Athens and Paris. He is working as a lawyer and is the Deputy Legal Counselor of the Hellenic Post SA.

    At the age of 12 years, he became the youngest member of the Hellenic Photographic Society (HPS). Since 1993, he is member of its Administrative Council and since 1997 its Liaison Officer in FIAP. In 2010 he became member of FIAP Directory Board and in 2011 Director of FIAP Biennials and Vice President of the HPS. In 2012 he was elected as Secretary General of FIAP, to be reelected on 2014.

    He often creates diaporamas, sometimes accompanied by his own music and likes landscape, portrait and photojournalism. For the past 5 years, he has been working on nude.

    His photographs from difficult to reach areas, like Papua-New Guinea, Kyrgyzstan, Tibet, Eritrea, Libya or the Galapagos have been published in the biggest magazines of artistic photography.

    He has participated in many exhibitions and has won many gold medals. He participates very often as judge in international photographic contests.

    FIAP honored him with its highest honorary distinction HonEFIAP. He is also the first and only Greek photographer holding the MFIAP artistic distinction.

  • Jorge Ferrari

    Jorge Ferrari

    Jorge Ferrari

    Jorge Ferrari

    Action & Commercial Photographer

    I always cover the action but I'm also constantly aware of my clients' branding objectives and their image creation.

    My job is to produce striking visuals that tell a story and help my clients put their message across. Many photographers will succeed in taking a few good photos during a job; I will create a body of work which the client can use as a whole, and at the same time provide outstanding individual images of the event

  • Karim Eldeghedy

    Karim Eldeghedy

    Karim Eldeghedy

    Karim Eldeghedy


    Karim was born in Alexandria in 1979. He started his career as a graphic designer in 1998.

    In 2004, he became an Adobe Certified Expert. He also worked as a graphic & web design instructor in several training centers across the Middle-East.

    In 2014, he started his photography journey with a specific focus on cityscape, landscape , architectural and travel photography. 

    Karim has won several international photography competitions and his work has been featured in several international photography magazines and exhibitions.  

    For more information about Karim’s photography work, you may visit his website


  • Lal Nallath

    Lal Nallath

    Lal Nallath

    Lal Nallath

    Founder FSO

      • Landed in Dubai in 1992 with an aspiration of doing some thing great in Advertising and somewhere in the middle took a detour towards Photography. 
      • Since 2010 doing serious photography. Currently doing it professionally.  He takes any kind of project comes his way. 
      • Majority of projects are Industrial, Architectural and Fashion portfolios. 
      • Founded FSO (Friday Shoot Out) in June 2010
      • He is a passionate traveller and had travelled France, Italy, Switzerland, UK, Turkey, Georgia and his all time favourite destination India. 
      • Currently running his own company in Dubai concentrating on Photography, print and web designing.   


  • Martin Grahame-Dunn

    Martin Grahame-Dunn

    Martin Grahame-Dunn

    Martin Grahame-Dunn

    Consultant to Photographic Business’s, Judge and Chairman for international photography competitions and Professional Bodies worldwide

    Martin Grahame Dunn has over 35 years in the Photographic Industry, particularly in the fields of Advertising, Commercial and Fashion Photography and more latterly as a Portrait & Wedding Photographer, he educates, inspire and motivate photographers instilling the highest standards of professional practice across a wealth of disciplines.

    As well as providing consultancy services to Photographic Business’s all over the world, he carries out the roles of Judge and Chairman for international photography competitions and Professional Bodies worldwide. He now concentrate on delivering education via intensive workshops and have a wide range of clients who join his Mentoring Programmes in the UK and overseas.

  • Nicolas Tohme

    Nicolas Tohme

    Nicolas Tohme

    Nicolas Tohme

    Creative Photographer

    Originally a Music Man, DJ & Music Producer for over a 20 years span.

    Photography & Fine Art have always been in my life, but to be honest, I never knew it until very recently.

    Sometimes life surprises us during our saddest times ... In the last quarter of 2015 I lost my Father, nothing was making sense, life itself was empty and meaningless, it was absolutely vague and made me feel a big void. 

    During that period and on one of the days, I felt the need of being productive again, surprisingly visual art was the answer, I had an old photoshop version on my secondary laptop which I rarely used, I opened it and I started doing some creative edits for my niece's photos (even though I had no graphic design skills whatsoever)

    Day after day my designs started gaining some exposure and positive reaction, my family and my friends were giving me props and supporting me, even strangers, people I only met through Facebook were asking me if I could manipulate their photos ... But after a while, I started feeling like I've had enough of working on photos that I didn't shoot myself, I felt the need of editing my own photos, my own clicks, so I bought my first professional DSLR on Christmas 2015, and then it was where my whole life changed ...

    This is my story, I'm a simple self taught man living life through Musical & Visual Artistry.

  • Nisha Purushothaman

    Nisha Purushothaman

    Nisha Purushothaman

    Nisha Purushothaman

    Wildlife Photographer

    Dubai based avid traveler and photographer, she is one who firmly believes that the people need more awareness about the planet and should travel and see the already fragile eco-system first hand and contribute their part into helping conserve the earth’s resources. She loves to be defined as a naturalist, conservationist photographer. From the backwaters and rainforests of India to the grass plains of Masai Mara; from the crater of Ngorongoro to the deserts of the Middle East, she has spent days and nights passionately following the birds and wildlife of these places.

    Each picture tells us the life of a wildlife photographer with risks lurking at each corner. An amazing realization sets in that these shots are the outcome of readiness to brave all adversities. They reveal the craft, skill and spirit she is endowed with. The intensity of her efforts transports the viewer through a sublime experience inspiring people to become advocates of conservation. 

  • Peter  Rear

    Peter Rear

    Peter  Rear

    Peter Rear

    Cited as a “Digital Pioneer” in the December edition of Professional Photographer Magazine 2003, Peter was at the forefront of the digital revolution. His pioneering work continued in 2009 with his creation of a unique style of coverage called Filmatography (TM), blending the mediums of photography and filming together. Peter was found among several industry greats on the judging panel for the Photographer of the Year Awards 2009 and in 2010 gave a keynote speech at ProVideo (Ricoh Arena) on DSLR filmmaking and the convergence of the photography and film industry. In 2013 Filmatography won the award for “Best Cinematographer of the Year” for Dubai by the international panel of Wedding Industry Experts, which has been retained for three consecutive years. Building on Filmatography’s industry leading status, Peter has been the personal photographer to many celebrities including JLo, Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ben Kinglsey as well as commissions involving the House of Windsor in recent years. In the middle east Filmatography has become a household name for VIP and royal events, with its acclaimed all female teams. The studio has also gained many prestigious commissions from major luxury brands including Aston Martin, Davidoff, Cartier, Gucci, Bvlgari, Diesel, Boucehron, John Lobb and Lamborghini among others. In 2015 Peter was featured by Esquire Magazine in ‘High Flyers’ celebrating 9 inspirational men taking off in the region. 

    In 2017 Filmatography celebrated the launch of its ‘world first', Dubai Cinema Studio, luxury entertainment space. 



  • Pierluigi Rizzato

    Pierluigi Rizzato

    Pierluigi Rizzato

    Pierluigi Rizzato

    Photographer & Director of FIAP Ethics Service.

    Pierluigi Rizzato has been a photographer for over thirty five years, dedicating great passion and commitment to his work in nature photography. His images rely on a profound understanding of the characteristics of his subjects, which he has acquired through study and research, and patient observation on the field.

    He is one of the members of the Italian team that won 11 FIAP Nature World Cup, gaining the first individual prize in 2003 and in 2016. His photographs have earned him more than 450 awards abroad, winning photographic  contests in 53 countries in the world. 

    In 2004 and in 2007 he won the first prize in the Italian Championship for Nature Photography.

    In 2013 he has been voted “Photographer of the Year” from FIAF and for this event a book has been published: “Animal instinct”.

    In 2014 he received MFIAP (Maitres Photographes de la Fiap), eleventh Italian photographer to gain this target.

    In 2016 he won the Best Italian Oasis Photographer.

    In 2017 he received Efiap/d1 Honour (Excellence de la Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique Niveaux Diamond 1).

    He is Director of FIAP Ethics Service.

  • Prakash Kumar Singh

    Prakash Kumar Singh

    Prakash Kumar Singh

    Prakash Kumar Singh

    Nisi Brand Ambassador & Sony Professional photographer

    Prakash Kumar Singh

    Owner – Prakash Photography

    Founder & Co-Owner of UAE Landscapers Photography Group

    Prakash is an Educator, Nisi Brand Ambassador & Sony Professional photographer. Specializing in Landscape, Architecture & Interior Photography

    He is UPI Gold Medal winner, Finalist - Sony World Photography Award 2015. His work has been published on several websites and magazines including Digital Photographer, Camerapixo, Livemint, to name a few.

    Prakash was born & brought up in Kolkata, India and moved to Dubai in 2006. This is where he started his digital photography journey in 2012. He is an art lover and grew up being around art be it painting, playing music or playing with his dad's film camera.

    He doesn't believe in out of the camera images as he says "Photography is the world where he is free from the busy materialistic Life, this is a medium where I can express my feelings my thoughts, so once I take an image I go through it several times to showcase my expression" Prakash is a person who wants to enjoy all the genre of photography as he says “if you haven’t done it you are missing the fun of it” but his favorite types are Landscape, Wildlife, Architecture, Black & white fine Art photography.  

    Prakash believes in sharing knowledge & for the same he & his friend Akhter hosts regular photo walks, organizes workshops & International trips, they believe in

    Explore l Capture I Inspire

    Prakash’s work can be seen at:

    Follow him on social media:

    Join his photography group UAE Landscapers:

  • Robert Alfiler

    Robert Alfiler

    Robert Alfiler

    Robert Alfiler

    Accredited International Correspondent Photojournalist & TV Philippine Correspondent Reporter

    Robert is a Filipino nationality, born and raised in Quezon City, Philippines, 37 years of age and has been residing in the UAE for about 15 years since 2002. Currently working as a Media and Events Photographer under Premix Events LLC. Robert first job is Medical Record Clerk for about 10 years in a Private Hospital in Sharjah. Then he meets the first Filipino newspaper in the UAE “Kabayan Weekly" he volunteers himself just to get back on his passionate career then later the publishing company gave him an opportunity and hired him.

    An accredited Correspondent Photojournalist of the Pacific Press Agency published his works in Getty Images, Associated Press, Alamy, News Blogs and other partner’s news photo-wire agencies. A Philippine TV Reporter of AksyonTV-Buhay OFW with TV Host Marissa Del Mar, member photographer of Dubai Press Club, associated member of Press Photographer of the Philippines, and contributor photojournalist in Asian Portal News Arizona US.

    Due to his dedication on his career He was given an opportunity to be one of the official photographers of His Highness Sheikh Theyab Bin Khalifa Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, member of the UAE’s Royal Family during his visit in Dubai AirShow and Gitex last 2015, an official Photographer of Vice President Jejomar Binay during his two days official Dubai Visit last 2015 and one of the official photographer of Senator Manny Pacquiao during his first visit in Dubai last November 2015.

    In the long run he was invited to be one of the resource speaker in photojournalism at the United International Private School, Kabayan Weekly Journalism Workshop, Philippine Government at POLO-Dubai, volunteer lecturer in Photojournalism course for Filipinos at Site Power Institute in Dubai.

    Before going to abroad (Dubai), He started his career in photojournalism by joining in the daily newspaper tabloid in the Philippines named “Toro” and “Pahayagan Imbestigador” a community weekly newspaper last 2001 as well a volunteer radio reporter of DWDD 1134Khz Arm Forces Radio Philippines.



  • Robin Whetton

    Robin Whetton

    Robin Whetton

    Robin Whetton

    Founder, Owner and Managing Director of PermaJet

    He will be taking you through the rudiments of Colour Management and how this effects print quality.

    The session will also cover monitor calibration, why it plays such a key pivotal role in a successful Colour Workflow. Robin will then follow this with the process of output to Print via ICC Profiles. He will talk about the creation of Printer Profiles something that the company proudly supply to each customer Free of Charge. He will show you how you can create a Custom Profile for your printer with a Free World Wide Service they offer and finally show you the wide array of Photographic and Fine Art Media they are selling through Grand Stores with effect from 1st June 2017. Robin will be on the Grand Stores Exhibition Stand for the whole of Photography Live and will be happy to meet you to discuss your needs on a one to one basis.

  • Rudy Shoushany

    Rudy Shoushany

    Rudy Shoushany

    Rudy Shoushany

    Fashion Photographer

    Rudy Shoushany is an award winning high end fashion, editorial and beauty Photographer and an international instructor based in Beirut and Canada.

    Rudy's work was featured in numerous International publications including Vogue, Ferrari Magazine, Professional Photographer II, Runway Magazine, Cielo Magazine, Urban Coco, Fashion Affair, Dark Beauty Magazine, 10Ten, Sayidati, Yasmina UAE, Al Hasnaa, Fashionising, Flawless, Ellement, Fashion 011, Ahlan UAE, En Vie, Institute magazine, and much more.

    Rudy worked with many of the top brands in the photography related industries.
    Light has become Rudy's signature, and he is renowned for his creative approach to create the best output.
    Rudy also is known for his photography workshops and blog, his straight forward teaching style brings an edge to inspire and motivate students.

  • Sam Coran

    Sam Coran

    Sam Coran

    Sam Coran

    Sony Alpha Photographer

    Sam Coran has worked as a Studio Manager for one of the leading E-commerce companies in the Middle East. He’s been a professional photographer for nearly 7 years and most of his images can be seen published in multiple magazines and billboards. His work combines exquisite on-location lighting techniques, extreme creativity on making simple portraits to memorable photographs. Sam’s strength is in photographing people. He also believes in sharing his experience and knowledge as a way of giving back to the creative community.

  • Shahid Hashim

    Shahid Hashim

    Shahid Hashim

    Shahid Hashim


    Shahid Hashmi has been a successful commercial photographer for several years and his clients include Goethé Institute, Ireo, Sikorsky Aircrafts, LCS International, GASCO, Discover ME, ADCO, Network International etc.

    Shahid is a ravenous traveler and has travelled through Europe, Africa and the Indian subcontinent for over thirty-five years.

    During his travels, Shahid captures the immense beauty of our planet, its people & the incredible and untold stories of their everyday life. Each of these expeditions has been a unique challenge and a fulfilling experience for him.

    During his expeditions for the past several years, Shahid intimately engages with the people he meets, and documents their indigenous and unique lifestyle and culture. Over the years Shahid’s engagement with the cultural landscape of the places he visits and its threatened and endangered indigenous cultures has grown manifold, and he has been documenting this in his ongoing project, ‘Vanishing Cultures of the world’.

    Shahid’s work has been exhibited widely in the UAE, the US, India and Europe. Shahid has been leading and teaching On Location Photography workshops at international locations for several years.

    Shahid is also the Lead Producer for Open Show UAE (


  • Shaji Mohammed

    Shaji Mohammed

    Shaji Mohammed

    Shaji Mohammed

    Wildlife Photographer

    Shaji Mohammed, based in Dubai, and hailing from India, is a renowned wildlife photographer, and works as the General Manager for an MNC..

    For Shaji, wildlife photography is not just a passion, it's more like the very essence of his life. Something that started off way back in 1999, as a casual tryst with photography, clicking landscape and street pictures in his first Nikon SLR camera, is today his driving force.

    Whenever his work took him to different places world over, after official meetings, he always made it a point to take an extra day off to explore the place and appease his appetite for capturing pictures on his camera.

    Over the years, his work and passion has taken him to 45 countries worldwide. Prior to every photography trip, Shaji does a complete study of the subjects he intends to capture in his lens. Their inherent features, habitats, behavioral patterns, nesting season, and so on. Everything is meticulously researched and planned.

    To name a few, for getting his dream shot of a Jaguar, Shaji traveled to the only place on earth where encounters with the majestic Jaguar are more probable than possible, the Pantanal in Brazil. He also traveled to the Eastern Himalayas, in search of one of Asia’s most elusive mammals, the Red Panda. His most recent trip was to the North Pole to capture the beauty of the Polar Bears in their natural habitat.

    Shaji's breathtaking pictures have made its way to various Wildlife and Environment based magazines and publications worldwide. He has also been shortlisted several times for the finals list of prestigious Photography Awards.


  • Subodh Shetty

    Subodh Shetty

    Subodh Shetty

    Subodh Shetty

    Founder, Photo Walk Dubai

    Subodh Shetty is a Dubai based photographer and educator specialized in Travel, Portrait and Street photography. He is the founder of UAEs most active and respected photography group - Photo Walk Dubai. The group with a strength of over 12500 members as of today hosts diverse activities ranging from local photo walks, seminars, workshops, exhibitions and also international photography tours. Subodh has also been a regular speaker at Nikon delivering seminars and workshops across middle east. Subodh has also been a speaker at TEDx Dubai 2015. His work has been published in various online and print media including Nat Geo, Guardian, Singapore Airlines and more...

  • Sulthan Khan

    Sulthan Khan

    Sulthan Khan

    Sulthan Khan

    Photographer and Off-road enthusiast

    My name is Sulthan Khan - Dubai based Photographer, Filmmaker & Nature explorer.(country of origin - India)

    I'm a passionate Photographer and Off-road enthusiast. I always loves to get lost in the Mother-nature to feel and experience the real soul of life.

    Basically I'm an electrical engineer but my passion for the nature and photography took me to the place where I'm right now.

    I'm a passionate Nikon SLR & DSLR user for past 15 years and I trust the quality & capabilities of the brand more than just as an equipment.

    My first photography exhibition was held in Dubai Art Village at Dubai Govt Pavilion during 2006-2007.

    I also had won my first national photography award in 2007 while i was using my Nikon F100 Analog SLR.

    I was one of the finalist in the HIPA 2013

    Recently I have released a film titled "Go Solo- feel the nature" about UAE nature & countrysides. The film was made through my solo journeys and I filmed all the footages alone with my DSLR & tripod. I'm dedicating this film to the Rulers and people of the United Arab Emirates. It was one of the greatest opportunity in my life through which I got to showcase my passion for the nature & photography to the world.

  • Titoni  Thomas

    Titoni Thomas

    Titoni  Thomas

    Titoni Thomas

    Canon Ambassador

    Titoni Thomas is a Libyan born Indian. Traveled and lived in cities like Damascus, Amman, Rome, Helsinki. He graduated in Electronics and Telecommunication. Relocated to Dubai in 2007 to work as Telecom Solution Engineer. From 2007 - 2010 he has done several travel photography and few freelance work for Advertising firm PUNKTUM Werbeagentur GmbH, Germany. He has received special honor in BBC Wildlife Photography competition for reaching semi-final in Bird category , HIPA competition finalist 2011. Also several times photos being published in Gulf news and other international publications like National Geographic.

    For the past 1 year he is heading Canon Academy teaching the basic and manual operations of Canon EOS cameras. At present doing freelance cinematography on full time basis in UAE and India.

    Some of the notable works as cinematographer 

    Rosie, music video for Arabian Radio Network

    Jump, Award winning social awareness short film

    5 Minutes, Most popular short film in UAE indie film industry

    Sonitus, Short film screened in Reel Cinemas, Dubai Mall

    Colours of Arabia - Seeing Tomorrow for Berger Paints Arabia

  • Ubaid Ahmed

    Ubaid Ahmed

    Ubaid Ahmed

    Ubaid Ahmed

    Ubaid Ullah Ahmed started off as a wedding photographer 8 years back with a Nikon D3000 in Lahore, Pakistan but the passion of capturing moments lead him to an extraordinary journey of creating and visualizing content in the form of photography and videography. Currently, Ubaid Ullah Ahmed is running his studio in Pakistan and managing a studio in UAE with his Wife with the name of Beyond The Canvas Studios; carrying out niche weddings and are known for their wedding films as well as digital content creation. Ubaid with his team has done over 350 plus weddings till now along with creating video content for brands like Nestle, Visa Middle East, Sprite, Lux (Unilever), Levis, Qatar Airlines, Ritz-Carlton, Fly Dubai, Intel and many other brands.

  • Wouter Kingma

    Wouter Kingma

    Wouter Kingma

    Wouter Kingma

    Canon Explorer Canon Ambassadors Program

    An artist, a photographer, an author, a producer and an adventure junkie, Wouter Kingma is a Creative Director, working across the disciplines of photography, book production, film-making and blogging.

    Although he had always enjoyed it as a hobby, Kingma’s passion for photography was really sparked in 2005 when he traveled to Laos and Thailand with Land Rover, his former employer, and saw professional photographers at work. It was after that trip that he made the move into freelance work – first selling his house so he could afford the equipment.

    Kingma’s  work gets valued regularly by brands like Nike, Ferrari, Bentley, Audi, The North Face, Salomon, Red Bull, Canon and selected government bodies.

    Kingma also wears Canon Middle East brand ambassador hat with great pride.

    Kingma started his blogging in 2009 and now five years on, his blog has become a source of inspiration, knowledge, images and stories.

Nikon School

The global Nikon School initiative is active in several countries including Australia, Malaysia, India and now UAE.

Nikon School aims to create a platform for photographers, professionals and amateurs to communicate and exchange  acquired knowledge, and share their inputs for refining photography further.

The school consists of a series of educational photography classes that enhance the creative and technical skills of photographers, and teach them how to make the most of their DSLR cameras. The courses cater to participants of all levels, from absolute beginners to professionals, with all classes being taught by Nikon-certified instructors.

Since the inception of Nikon School, the company has been assisting photography fanatics master new techniques and improve their photography skills by providing clear, direct information on a wide range of technical and creative topics.

“The UAE has a large base of photography & videography enthusiasts and the number continues to grow day after day. Photography LIVE is an essential platform for Nikon Middle East to reach out and connect with this segment on a personal level.”

- Nikon MEA


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Our Professional Development offerings are presented by Canon explorers, industry leading instructors and guest speakers , the workshops will cover a wide range of topics relating to photo and video, targeting fans, enthusiasts, amateur and professional photographers alike.

The Canon explorers will be sharing their expertise, tips and tricks around the themes: time-lapse photography, city and landscape, aerial photography and commercial & Sports photography.

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